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Dear Customer, We have launched Video KYC facility for New customer to open savings ac

Against Bank Own Deposits

S No. Title Description
1. Eligibility Any Individual, Proprietorship/Partnership Firms, Companies etc.
2. Type of Facility Loan and/or Overdraft limit.
3. Purpose For any legitimate requirement of Funds.
4. Margin 10% of the Present value of Deposit.
5. Rate of Interest 1% above the applicable rate of interest on respective Deposit A/C.
6. Sureties At least two sureties of good means and enjoying high reputation, subject to satisfaction of Bank.
7. Repayment As required by the borrower, but not later than the date of maturity of Deposit A/c.
8. Security Pledge of Bank’s own Time Deposit Receipt and/or Recurring Deposit A/C in the name of borrower or any third party.
9. Other Conditions Need based credit limits to be assessed as per Bank’s policy/Rules.

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