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Dear Customer, We have launched Video KYC facility for New customer to open savings ac

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Savings Account

Savings Account at The Vaish Cooperative Adarsh Bank Ltd offers more than just a secure place to store your money; it's your gateway to financial empowerment and growth. With our Savings Account, we aim to provide you with a seamless banking experience that prioritizes your needs and aspirations.

The Vaish Cooperative Adarsh Bank Ltd is here to support you every step of the way. Open a Savings Account with us today and experience banking that goes beyond just numbers, offering you a pathway to a brighter financial future.


  • 01

    ATM/Debit Card facility for ATM,
    E-Commerce and Point of Sale.

  • 02

    Individual/HUF/Joint A/c can be opened.

  • 03

    An ideal option to cultivate the habit of banking and Saving.

  • 04

    Simplest way of making small Savings into big.

  • 05

    Easy to operate/handle.

  • 06

    Deposits up to statutory limit are insured by DICGC.

  • 07

    Option for money withdrawal by withdrawal forms or by cheque.

  • 08

    Facility of nomination.

  • 09

    Interest @ 3 % p.a. applied quarterly.

  • 10

    Free 60 cheque leaves in a calendar year.

  • 11

    SMS facility for all transactions

Terms & Conditions

  • 1.

    Opening with minimum balance of Rs. 1000/- (with cheque book) Rs. 500/- (without cheque book)

  • 2.

    Charges as per bank’s rule for not maintaining monthly minimum balance.

  • 3.

    While depositing Rs. 50,000/- or above in aggregate in one day, PAN No./Form 60 per transaction is necessary.


This account should be considered in normal banking service available to all.
This account shall not have the requirement of any minimum balance.
The services available in the account will include deposit and withdrawal of cash at bank branch, receipts /credit of the money through electronic payment channels or by means of deposit / collection of cheques drawn by Central /State government agencies and departments.


The above facilities will be provided without any charges.
No charge will be levied for non operation / activation of inoperative “Basic Saving Bank Deposit Account”.
This account would be subject to RBI instructions on KYC / AML for opening of bank accounts issued from time to time.
Holders of this account will not be eligible for opening of any other savings bank deposit account in that bank.
Any other existing account has to be closed within 30 days by the customers